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ACTIVE SPEED 7 *opTimiZed u'r internet acces

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ACTIVE SPEED 7 *opTimiZed u'r internet acces

Post by traviz on Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:58 pm

oleh2 soft tweaking inet lagi...
(muph banget yg vs barang bajakan)
makLum kt orang2 miskin gk kuat
vs harga soft oRi yg selangit

wokeh ni hasil nyolong dari toko sblah ...

target : activeSpeed 7
Easy-to-use Internet Performance Software
Acentive Speed Internet Speed Boost! The Best Pc & Internet Speed Booster Software!
Accelerate your Internet & Pc speed up to 375% with ActiveSpeed's. Most computers connect to the Internet at a fraction of their potential speed.
Internet & Modem Boost patent-pending technology and never again wait for downloads or for web pages to load. ActiveSpeed Internet Speed Boost Software.
Optimize your Internet Connection
It surprises people to find out that most computers are not optimized to take full advantage of the Internet connection they are running. By modifying system settings that operate behind-the-scenes of your PC, ActiveSpeed, a leading Internet optimizer and web accelerator, can speed up your Internet connection regardless of the type of Internet connection you have.
ActiveSpeed is the only Internet speed accelerator that intelligently modifies your computer's unique settings. The patent pending 'Intelligent Optimization Engine' guides you step-by-step to make your Internet connection accelerate the way you want it to. ActiveSpeed will optimize the speed of your Internet connection and increase the speed of everything you do online from browsing the web, to downloading video and music, to online gaming. Run our FREE Internet Optimization Scan to see how much our Internet speed optimizer and web accelerator can speed up your Internet connection.happy
happy happy happy

features of ActiveSpeed A leading web accelerator
1. Automatically accelerate your Internet connection.
2. Dramatically speed up Internet connections -- Dial-up, DSL, Cable, or Wireless
3. Surf the web faster than ever before without upgrading your Internet connection.
4. Instantly improve Internet phone performance (VOIP).
5. Download music from the web in seconds.
6. Speed up all your online gaming.
7. Accelerator is perfect for novice users and experts.
8. The Patent Pending Intelligent Optimization Engine is not available in any other Internet accelerator product at any price

down+miRror :
miror 1 :
miror 2 :
miror 3 :

monggo di doncrooooootttt capek deh
basa-basi :
user : yasalam
pass : bramjnet8

install lanjut login pake user+pass diatas...
have a nice day

capek deh

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